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Indian so called democracy and secularism exposed human rights group in IOK.

MUZAFFARABAD: (Parliament Times)    The AJK Information Minister Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas says Indian so called democracy and secularism had been exposed by reports of human rights groups in Occupied Kashmir.

Talking to media here on Monday he said the report which was prepared by a credible international institution is a charge sheet against India. He said India was involved in aggression against Kashmiris under a well conceived and planned strategy.

According to report eighty percent were civilians of the people who were subjected to torture by India. He said administration, judiciary and armed forces were equally guilty in perpetration of cruelties against innocent people of Kashmir.

He said human rights report says that intensification of atrocities and human rights abuses against Kashmiris started in 1990 that continues till today. These cruelties and tyrannies are like infamous Guantanamabe and Abu Gharaib jails, the report adds.

Minhas cited another incident in which a 29-year-old school principal was arrested in the special operation of occupation forces. He was tortured and was martyred later. Police made a fake case against him that he was trying to run from the custody of the police. Hence no case against the martyring police officers was registered.

Minhas said that the report confirms that most of the victims of Indian atrocities were Kashmiri civilians.
He said valley is full of tragic happenings and incidents in which Kashmiri youth were martyred in front of their families in the midnight operations or disappeared never to be found again. He said this was the major reason of Kashmiris hatred against India. It was why they boycotted the sham Indian elections in the valley, he maintained.

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