Pakistan Postal services: Newt techniques


By  Amnah Shaukat,

Back in 90’s postal service played a major role in communication.
People used to wait for letters from their loved ones which used to arrive
with the help of post. Postal services has an importance in every one life
because it was only source of communication with the people residing at
different places ,with the help of this service letters ,greetings ,parcels
and money orders were sent.

After the advent of technology in late 90’s many new methods of
communication were introduced which were more technological advance
and quicker and because of this postal service redundant to a
considerable extent. It became neglected sector of the society will old
techniques . No new methods were adopted for modernizing it with latest

After many years government has taken step to improve the efficiency
and expansion of network around the world. Pakistan postal service
have adopted some new methods to ensure the speedy communication
in the society . By keeping in mind the affordability of general public
latest techniques have been designed for timely delivery of mail and
money . Electronic ecommerce initiatives and same day delivery method
are introduced. With the help of EMO service a cash of 50,000 with
charge of 550 can be sent.

To improve the efficiency of postal mail tracking method has been
introduced customers can now track their order on mobile phone. To
make delivery method advance same day delivery option is provided. If
some one wants to post something urgent the consignment would be
delivered on the same day if booked before noon. All these latest
techniques adopted by Pakistan post is a good initiative as this sector
remained neglected for many years.

Pakistan post office holds an important position it has a broad and varied
role to play beyond provision of communication link for individual and
businesses. It provides services at affordable cost in every corner of the
country. In addition with new techniques latest office working methods
should also be introduced to make this sector more advance and