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Muslim man branded with ‘Om’ symbol in Indian jail

NEW DELHI:    A Muslim man under trial in an Indian jail has complained that he was severely beaten and branded with an ‘Om’ symbol by Tihar Jail officials.
Nabbir’s family approached a Karkardooma court with the complaint that their son’s life was in danger in the Tihar prison, as he was also denied food by the jail officials.
According to the inmate, he was branded the symbol by the superintendent Rajesh Chauhan, who not only denied him food for two days but also threatened to convert him to Hinduism, the Indian media reported.
The 34-year-old Muslim prisoner was brought before Metropolitan Magistrate Richa Parihar, who also saw the brand on his back. The court has ordered an inquiry and also issued a notice to DGP, prisoner, Head Quarter, Jail No. 4, New Delhi to get the medical examination of Nabbir conducted.
The court has instructed jail authorities to ensure Nabbir’s safety and that he be immediately removed from the direct or indirect supervision of jail superintendent Rajesh Chauhan.
Earlier in February, a Pakistani Muslim Shakirullah was stoned to death by Indian inmates in Jaipur. However, Indian media reports claimed that Shakirullah was killed after a brawl in the jail over TV volume.

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