Shaheed-e-Insaaf advocate Jalil Ahmed Andrabi remembered on their martyrdom day


SRINAGAR: Advocate Jalil Ahmed Andrabi was among the pioneers of the present struggle who was romantically involved with freedom struggle and till his last breath kept striving for the righteous cause.
Besides being a successful jurist and a great intellectual, he was a courageous person who always cared and worked for the betterment of society. This was stated by the acting chairman of JKLF Abdul Hameed
Butt while addressing a condolence meeting held in remembrance of Shaheed-e-Insaaf advocate Jalil Ahmed Andrabi. During the meeting sacrifices of great martyrs Shaheed-e-Kashmir Ishfaq Majeed Wani,
Shaheed-e-Sadaqat Shabir Ahmad Sideequi, Shaheed-e-Hikmat doctor Abdul Ahad Guru and others were also recalled. While recalling the struggle and sacrifices of Shaheed-e-Insaaf Advocate Jalil Andrabi, JKLF senior vice chairman Abdul Hameed Butt said that the struggle and sacrifice rendered by this brother of ours has honored Kashmiri nation and we can never forget his courage, passion and sacrifice for the freedom of Jammu Kashmir. Butt Sahib said that after receiving threats from terrorists in uniform, Jalil Andrabi was advised by his friends to stay away from Kashmir but he refused to do so and courageously continued his struggle and sacrificed his life for the revered cause. He said that the nation of Kashmir has sacrificed lot for freedom but we need to show resilience, one face approach, dedication and steadfastness to achieve what we are striving for. Butt sahib said that as a nation we are duty bound to safeguard our sacrifices and continue the struggle for freedom that has been nourished by the sacred blood of our martyrs like Shaheed-e-Insaaf. JKLF leader said that the famous Lawyer Jalil Andrabi was abducted in broad day light by Indian army personal led by Major Awtar Singh and then killed with impunity. Even Indian Judiciary issued warrants against killer Awtar Singh who later killed her wife and then shot himself in USA. We want to ask Indian rulers that why are they shielding killers of Jalil Shaheed till date and that, is this for what their so-called biggest democracy stands for. Meanwhile various congregational prayer meetings were held across valley and other parts of Jammu Kashmir today
in connection with the martyrdom day of Shaheed advocate Andrabi. Quran Khawani was also held at various places in which leaders, activists and admirers of martyrs took part and prayed for the elevation
of their places in heaven. Meanwhile, in continuation of anti-India protests against banning JKLF, arrest of large number of party leaders including its Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik, raids and Indian State terrorism, JKLF and its students wing JKSLF held a forceful protest demonstration in district Bhimber of AJK. Zonal party leaders Touseef Ali Jarral Adv, Shakeel Jarral and SLF leader Obaid Shabir led the protest march which was attended by large number of party leaders and members. It is worth to mention that large number students participated in the protest march.


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