NAB arrests accused Muhammad Altaf for looting gold ornaments


ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times) The Intelligence wing of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Muhammad Altaf for looting 10 tola ornaments from a woman, making false promise of giving employment to many persons and looting hundreds of rupee from people by impersonating himself a NAB officer.

The legal action is being taken against the impersonator as per law. It merits mentioning here that Honourable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB had devised strategy of Accountability for All ever since assuming the responsibilities as Chairman NAB. Since then the strategy is being implemented in letter and spirit. So far seven persons have been arrested on the charges of looting people by posing themselves as fake officers of NAB.

The Chairman NAB has already issued strict directions to intelligence wing of NAB to apprehend impersonators who are illegally using the name of NAB and are involved in looting innocent people. Chairman NAB has lauded the performance of intelligence wing of NAB and expressed the hope that they would continue working in such spirit in future also.


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