People asked to use anti-mosquito nets to avoid malaria


By Rafiullah Mandokhail,

ZHOB: As the mosquito breeding season is just round the corner, the people have been asked to use anti-mosquito bed nets and apply repellent lotions before sleeping to avoid malaria.

“The people can be protected from malaria through adopting the precautionary measures, as Zhob falls in high risk zone for malaria’, said Qutab Khan Mandokhail, district coordinator of Malaria Control Program, while speaking at an awareness session here.

He said that Balochistan Rural Support Program in collaboration with Health department, Indus Hospital and Peoples’ Primary Healthcare Initiative has been struggling to deal with malaria in the remote district of Zhob that falls in the high risk zone for malaria.

“Lack of awareness among the people is one of the reasons behind malaria spreading. Children and pregnant women are the worst sufferers. Keeping in mind the people should use mosquito net and repellent lotions before going to bed,” the program head said.

Health experts say, malaria is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium. Women and children are high-risk groups for malaria; particularly women during their pregnancy. The factors responsible for malaria spread are including lack of quality health services, inadequate sewerage system and poverty.

According to World Health Organization, the preventable malaria affects millions of people worldwide every year and plasmodium falciparum is the most dangerous parasite – among the five human malaria parasites. Malaria is the third largest killer in the third world countries and in Pakistan it remains the fourth largest cause of death among communicable disease.


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