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Educational problems of Ghulam Muhammad Village school be resolved


MALIR, KARACHI: Education is a fundamental right of a man and if man is empowered in education then he will build a technically, mentally and physically gallant and strengthening nation, as it is right of every Pakistani to get education but there are lots of people in Malir areas are still in addition to education, including them the students of Primary school at Ghulam Muhammad village UC Chohar which is closed from a year even it was functioning a year before and SNE is also approved but because of the negligence and thoughtlessness of education officials and selective representatives of District Malir. Students of Ghulam Muhammad village daily got ready to go for study but when come and see the school closed they stay at the gate of school and look forward to see the way their teachers will come on. The parents of children are worried and anxious about the future of their children and the dream they have made in their children’s minds. They have protested with their children and said to the journalists of Malir that the administration of education department is in mismanagement and they have sent many applications in black and white to Education Department and its officers but no one have considered and concerned on their Primary School issue and their Children bereaved from basic right of getting education. They further told that they have many times complained to area’s MPA Sajjad Jokhio and MNA Jam Abdul Kareem regarding School Issue and said them for support to reopen the Primary school and for the provision of School Teachers but they have shown no interest and done nothing yet.
Parents of children cursed their act of vote casting that they are regretting in order to vote PPP candidates because they donot support them in any manner. They have appealed the higher authorities of education department and DC Malir and other concerned authorities to get their Primary School reopened so that their children’s future be safe and secure and bright

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