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Kashmir the burning paradise

Ayesha Mukhtar Rathore,

” SUCH FEARLESS EYES—SAME WAS OF HIS Father’s”. She murmured wiping her tears off with rays of hope coming out. Clearing her throat which was struck of the grief of loss of her husband who was shot dead by armed forces she looked straight into his eyes ” YOU WILL SNATCH FREEDOM FROM THEIR CLAWS.YOU ARE BORN TO CUT THE FETTERS OF ENSLAVERY AND ACCOMPLISH THE UNACCOMPLISHED TARGET OF YOUR FOREFATHERS.YOU ARE BORN TO DIE FOR THE HONOUR AND FREEDOM OF THIS SACRED LAND—KASHMIR”.

The newborn just breathed his first taking oxygen from the air contaminated with the terror Indian Army aspire to instill in the veins of Kashmiris who don’t allow it to lessen their will of getting rid of their atrocious rule. More than seven decades of unending brutality and abusing humanity has earned India nothing but a mere disappointment as every kashmiri born opens his eyes with a dream of freedom.

Kashmir ; the land of magnificent mountains , splendid water courses , grand fairy meadows and breathtaking sceneries is portrayed as heaven on earth but natives narrates the other side of the story. People of Kashmir are burning in the hellfire of slavery and rule of oppression. They are fighting for their fundamental human rights which modern world guarantees. In this century where right of self determination is practiced worldwide , Indian government is stick to the orthodox attitude of stone ages where humans were ruled with power. Gone are the days when human beings were treated as animals and enslavery was a common practice and as soon as India will realize this very fact she will be able to spend wisely on its shaking economy. India needs to realize that feeding empty stomach is of more essence than shooting already wounded chests. Quality life can be assured to its nationals by ending poverty but Death to the ideology of freedom by killing Kashmiris people can proceed no farther than just a fantasy. Their aged old wish of ruling Kashmir will never come true. They have been watering their dream with the blood of poor citizens but shameful defeat is their ultimate destination.

UN Resolutions , Shimla pact and two wars between India and Pakistan has failed to lessen the suffering till the date. All efforts of negotiation in the past end in smoke making 2018 ; the year of massive bloodshed marked with highest number of causalities in a decade. More than 500 killings took place targeting unarmed civilians and freedom fighters. Human Rights are being abused with sharp rise in the graph of target killings , illegal detentions , rape , torture centers , curfews and crackdowns.

In the mighty democracy where life of a cow is more sacred than that of a human , Taking lives of innocent natives no more horrifies the hearts as it has become a very common practice.

Volumes and Volumes can be written on Indian atrocities in the valley of Kashmir.

They the butchers treat Kashmiris no more than the abortive pieces of flesh.

Complete failure of Indian Army in instilling terror and ruling Kashmiris under the smoke of gunpowder lead them to use their favorite tools to control daily chores of the citizens CURFEWS AND CRACKDOWNS!!

Forcing innocent Kashmiris not to come out of their homes for basic necessities of life. They don’t care if a patient is dying inside the home. If an ambulance came out for help ; driver is shot dead. Poor patients prefer to stay at home and wait for death than to go out for treatment. LIFE CRIES BEHIND THE CURTAINS!! Indian soldiers seems to wear a special brand of glasses with TERRORIST FILTER on it. They took every Kashmiri as terrorist. This allegation is enough for them to take lives. From child of some months to aged old citizens ; whoever they want to kill is accused of being terrorist.

They who prate on their valor ; get horrified by the Kashmiri children who radiate rage out of their eyes. THE EYES ; THE HERIOC FEARLESS EYES!!

Hospital crackdown is a common practice exercised by the deadly occupation. They deprive patients of basic medical assistance and imprison doctors and their staff for harboring illegal weapons and resistance fighters.

Many of the innocent Kashmiris suspected as terrorists never came back. The eyes in search of their loved ones are out of tears now. Their searing questions burns the heart of HUMANITY. What on the earth they have done to meet this FETAL FATE. Throwing away the terror of India , fighting for their fundamental rights , saying “NO” to the rule of oppression , not letting their women fulfill the desires of Indian officials , struggle for freedom, self determination and peace? Is this their mistake? These questions echoes in the huge mountains build in the name of humanity on this planet ruled by PEACE LOVING humans. They can hear the screaming of the oppressed but they turn their deaf ear to them.

Students are major targets in the streets of Kashmir. They are either shot dead or left disabled. They attack their FUTURE without knowing the fact that DEATH OF A FIGHTER GIVE LIFE TO HIS IDEOLOGY. “IDEOLOGY OF FREEDOM”.

Physiological torture and humiliation is rampant , Kashmiris are forced to eat human excrement and drink urine in torture centers. Forced confessions are obtained by parents upon hearing their children screams from the next room and being prevented from knowing what is being done to the child ,sign and admit to anything in order to save their child. Many of these so called confessions made public by Indian officials have been obtained in just such manner. There are proper well organized TORTURE CENTRES and screaming of the ones who are being tortured echoes the wall of mountains in the beautiful valley.

India in general is known for a land not safe for women but dignity and honor of women in Kashmir are at stake specifically. The tales of women became knife striking deep within the hearts of the ones who pay heed to the stories of emotional death. Sexual Abuse is the most favorite tool of torture in practice by Indian army. Women of Kashmir endure assaults on their bodies and their souls. Rape of young girls and women has actually become part of policy of Indian occupation forces. Women during raid are caught and beaten to the ground. They are beaten and kicked and countless of them are kept naked in the pit. Repeatedly raped by horrendous Indian official they are then thrown in the streets. Countless of poor women are tortured and raped in front f their families. Many of them give birth to the children whose father cannot be figured out by the victim among many darkened faces of dreadful Indians. They then live as shell of human who once lived inside them. PHYSICALLY ALIVE SPIRITUALLY AND EMOTIONALLY DEAD.

The use of rape by occupation forces in Kashmir is not merely an isolated case or two of “wayward” soldiers , but rather a well orchestrated and contrived part of overall plan to break the spirit and soul of Kashmiri people and their will to resist.

Elections in India are on its way and politicians there are well aware of using anti Muslim and anti Pakistan sentiment of people for their own good. Anyone who speaks bad of Pakistan and Muslims is portrayed heroic and that is how vote bank is secured. Rigid stance on the issue of Kashmir is worsening the situation between two nuclear armed countries hailing a devastating corollary. Rigidity of Indian government is the biggest hurdle in the peace process.

Among many shameful tactics practiced by Indians , this new propaganda of “Kashmir is a part of India” has started recently and is becoming popular in masses. They who believe in this senseless idea should read some pages from the history where their very own prime minister pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru promised plebiscite to Kashmiris people guaranteeing them their right of self determination. on-Serious attitude and rigid agenda of Indian government are the biggest hurdles in the way of a peaceful pact and solution of Kashmir issue. Kashmiri people are not in a position to afford further delay.

Pakistan promises Kashmiri people their utmost support for the cause of freedom on all grounds. Countless sacrifices of Kashmiris will pay back and one day sky will be clear from all signs of brutality , buds closed with terror will open up to flowers of peace , streets will restore the laughter of its children ,Grounds full of heaviest coffins will be open for sports and festivals , birds will resume singing poetry of peace and Air will be free to breathe. Kashmiris are born for taking up the stance of freedom and they happily embrace martyrdom for the mighty cause and the day is near when AT LAST KASHMIR WILL BREATHE FREE.

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