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Drouth and Dearth ruin Mohidan and Kand Jhang Areas of Gadop Malir

Arshad Ali Gabol,

KARACHI: Mohidan and kand Jhang areas of Malir District where many of villages named Peer Bukhsh, Ali Muhammad Chhato, Esso Village, Allah Dino Bikik, Haji Karo Village, Saindad Village, Allah Waraiyo village, Gul village and others are suffering from drought. From more than 3 years no rainfall in Gadop areas where thousands people are living there with out water, food, education, health and other facilities and their cattles are dying because of no grain, no grass and no green plants, their fields are sterilized because of water dearth in Mohidan and kand Jhang areas. People Mohidan are in dead circumstances and surviving hardly, many of Mohidani have left their homes and gone away to settle a place where they can have Water and food ands of life. Cattles of that area have become Skelton cause of no grass surrounding Mohidan and Kand Jhang. People of that area had drawn the attention of DMC, provincial government, Humanitarians NGOs, Selective representatives and other towards their drought conditions but no any response they could get. After a severe state of Mohidan and kand Jhang DMC decided to provide water facilities by tankers and also promised to provide boring system for water and Solar panels for electricity, these facilities were provided to fudalists of that area and villages were 10 kilo meters far from fudalist’s guesthouses or Otaqs, from them villagers could not get water easily and boring water was not beneficial for them and fudalists feilds were irrigated on them but after few years solar system became failure and boring system was totally flopped . Water of tanks could not complete their requisitions of people because after a week few tankers were sent to complete the water requirement of people, in this practice many problems raised among people and tanker mafia became affluent within few months. Ex. MNA Abdul Hakeem Balouch, MPA Sajid Jokhio, Raja Razzaq and others officials have visited Mohidan and Kand Jhang and promised to heal their wounds but their promises are still promises. They had decided to declare the area drought full and dearthfull but no decision has been taken yet. There are many queries in the people’s minds like, are they not Pakistani? When other countries peoples are served why not they? Why they are left in lurches and in dying conditions? Why in the whole scenario Human rights authorites and organizations are tranquiled?. At present Mohidan and Kand Jhang people are without support and help and still without food, water and other facilities. Questions are marked on the absence of Humantarian NGOs and Human rights authorites and on their performance that they have done nothing for Mohidan and Kand Jhang peoples in need. DMC and Provincial government should take immediate steps to solve the problems of Mohidan and Kand Jhang peoples and take them out from drought.

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