Rawalpindi BBH faces doctors, medicines shortage


Rawalpindi: Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) Rawalpindi hospital is facing acute shortage qualified doctors and medicines. The shortage of doctors and unavailability essential medicines is clearly affecting the patients and they are compelled to go to private hospitals for medical treatment.
The situation calls for attention of the Punjab government and the minister for health Dr Yasmin Rashid who should look into the matter to ensure free medical treatment for the poor people.
Recently, patients have increased in hospital as most of catches seasonal diseases. The hospitals’ heads have forwarded the summaries to the provincial government for appointing doctors but in vain.
Sources stated that patients in emergency and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of the hospital were being provided the prescribed medicine, but the persons admitted in the hospitals and visiting the Out Patient Department (OPDs) were being denied the same medicines by the hospital authorities.
However, admin officer of the hospital Dr. Zafar told “Online” enough medicines are available in the children OPD and added that doctors are also present in number.
The patients and their attendants at the hospital had expressed serious concern regarding the prevailing situation in the hospital and demanded of the Punjab Health Department to take practical steps to save them from further distress.


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