SC dismisses petition seeking removal of Zulfi Bokhari from office of special assistant to PM


LAHORE: Supreme Court (SC) while dismissing petition seeking removal of Zulfi Bokhari from the office of special assistant to Prime Minister (PM) has remarked Zufi Bokhari can not work as minister but he can continue to work as special assistant to PM.
Case pertaining to dual nationality of Zulfi Bokhari special assistant to PM Imran Khan came up for hearing in SC Lahore registry Wednesday.
Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) inquired “ who is Zulfi Bokhari, what is his qualification. From where he has come. How his appointment was made all of a sudden. Competent people should have been appointed in New Pakistan. Court will review appointment made on personal likes.
Aitzaz Ahsan counsel for Zulfi Bokhari said” Any one who enjoys confidence of PM can be appointed as special assistant. No question can be raised on the qualification of special assistant.
CJP remarked “ you are challenging the jurisdiction of the court. We tell just now what is jurisdiction of court.
The counsel said “ British airways came to Pakistan due to Zulfi Bokhari.
CJP remarked “ it was better to activate PIA than bringing British airways.
Aitzaz Ahsan said courts can not interfere in several matters of executive.
CJP inquired “ can limitless powers be given to PM. We have to see if the post of special assistant is not in conflict with constitution. You will have to prove your appointment is in conformity with the constitution.
He inquired if constitution does not permit then how Zulfi Bokhari is using office of minister.
Aitzaz Ahsan told the court Zulfi Bokhari is neither holding the post of minister nor is he having administrative powers.
The court rejected the petition seeking disqualification of Zulfi Bokhari .
CJP remarked “ Zulfi Bokhari can not work as minister, however, he can continue his work as special assistant.


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