Plundered money will be retrieved from dacoits, spent on education: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said plundered money will be retrieved from dacoits and will be spent on education.
“We will retrieve looted money from dacoits and spend it on education. Palaces are signs of colonial era and we want to eliminate them”, he said this while addressing a ceremony at the launch of National University in Islamabad Friday.
He held “ my mind changed when I saw residence of British rulers in UK. There was a simple residence of the then British PM Tony Blair in 10 downing street. I saw in UK how the rulers live there. We saw from the childhood the walls of governor house and palaces. These palaces are signs of colonial era. We want to eliminate them.
Had I not gone to UK and not seen the free people then I too would have lived in palatial room of PM house and large palaces.
“ I want to tell why we are converting PM house into university. The major objective behind conversion of PM house into university is to set the things right”, he added.
Addressing the youths, PM said they should raise voice against those who have misused the tax money. “I want youths should defend tax money. We will give such awareness to people to adopt simplicity in future. .
He underlined “ our ideological Quaid was Allama Iqbal. Whenever he said that Pakistan would be a welfare state he meant it to be model of state of Madina.
He remarked “ In the state of Madina, stress was laid on education, governance and human development while Singapore and China also adopted this model and today they are on track of development.
“We are giving message to nation by converting PM house into university that education should be given importance. We have to attract overseas Pakistanis to this country, he added.

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