Emergency health services to be extended to Tehsil level: AJK PM


RAWALAKOT: (Parliament Times) The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir said here on Thursday that his government had decided to widen the parameter of emergency health services to Tehsil level in the State.
The Premier who is now campaigning for PML-N candidate Sardar Tahir Anwar for by-election in Poonch, was addressing a public rally at lower Dothan. Government would augment the budget of health sector next year to provide better health facilities to the citizens of AJK, he added.
Mr. Haider claimed that the fruits of measures taken by his government had now started reaching the common man. “I strongly believe that power is a gift from God. As long as God wants me in power no one could do anything against me through conspiracies or negative tactics” he said.
He asked the people of Dothan to vote for PML-N candidate in the upcoming by-election if they really want upgradation of their areas. Our victory can boost the morale of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he remarked. He said he noticed that link roads were not in good condition, therefore, his government would earmark adequate funds in the next budget for reconditioning of link roads in the State.
Meanwhile addressing another public meeting at Khaigala the Prime Minister said Rawalakot would be developed into a hub of tourism. He claimed that a road of international standard was under construction from Khaigala to Tolipeer and Tolipeer-Lasdana at a cost of 1 billion rupees. Acknowledging the beauty of the area, he said his government would prepare a master plan for Poonch for promotion of tourism.
Expressing good sentiments for late Khalid Ibrahim he said his family had strong bonds with the family of late Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan. We still have great respect for that family, he stated.
“Poonch is land of Ghazis, Mujahids and brave people. Poonch produced some charismatic personalities who served the State for long” he observed.
He said his government had restored student unions while local body polls would also be held after the stay order is lifted.
Regarding the desperate efforts of PPP candidate Sardar Muhammad Yaqub Khan, the Prime Minister remarked that he was day dreaming to become Prime Minister again. There are many slips between the cup and the lips for him as he has lost the trust of constituents of Poonch for doing nothing for the people of his areas, as President and Prime Minister. “NAB was seeking Haji Yaqub. We will not let him hide here for what he did during his era” he said. Yaqub should first win the election for MLA before imagining to be Prime Minister of the State, he maintained.
Addressing the meeting minister for works Ch. Muhammad Aziz said PML-N was working in line with the vision of Nawaz Sharif for progress and prosperity in AJK. He said that people of the area could approach him for their problems as his way to native town passes through Khaigala and Dothan. Sardar Farooq Tahir, Sardar Amir Altaf, Raja Muhammad Siddique and Chaudhry Rukhsar, also addressed on the occasion.


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