Public transport comes to a standstill as Sindh enters fourth day without CNG


KARACHI: Sindh is without CNG for the fourth day on Thursday and public transport has suffered.
As CNG stations are closed, thousands of vehicles have come to a standstill across the province. People commuting to offices and schools are in a fix because the only way for them to get to their destinations is via costly private vehicles or taxis.
In Badin, thousands of daily wage drivers and other bus staff are worried because their only source of income has been stopped.
The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) initially said there were issues at the Gambat gas fields, however, after sources in the PPL refuted this, the SSGC took a U-turn. Gas supply hasn’t been halted because of technical issues, said Shehbaz Islam, an SSGC representative.
He said the supply hadn’t been completely shut off but was actually reduced.
However, sources in the Sui Northern Gas Company indicated that the reason for the shortage was that the RLNG terminal of a private company in Karachi had been undergoing repairs, due to which it was closed for 12 hours.
=After 12am, 600 million cubic feet of gas was supplied. The sources say the lack of furnace oil also caused the shortage.
Talks between the All Pakistan CNG Forum and SSGC were not successful and the forum’s head, Shabbir Suleman, said that if they do not receive an explanation by today they will set up tents outside the SSGC office and stage a protest.


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