Accountability court rejects bail application of Tanvir Alam, Zahoor Ahmed


Muzaffarabad : (Parliament Times) A judge of AJK Accountability Court Mirpur Justice Tariq Javed has rejected the bail application after arrest of Tanvir Alam Ishtiaq Operation Manager and Zahoor Ahmed Cashier.
According to a press release of AB released here on Tuesday both the accused were involved in 186.413 million rupees mega fraud during their posting in HBL Sehnsa Branch district Kotli. After repealing the bail application, the accused have been transferred to Saif House Mirpur for further probe by the investigating team of AB.
The PR says that during investigation it was revealed that the accused during their posting in HBL
Sehnsa branch in district Kotli in collusion with their senior officers embezzled the accounts of their overseas Pakistani clients from Saudi Arabia and UK. They opened fake accounts and approved loans from these accounts to be used by themselves. They issued fake cheque books and bank statements and were involved in the crime of contrary transaction and issuing cheques through fake signatures of the customers.
According to investigation conducted by HBL’s Fraud Investigation Unit (FIU) fraud of Rs. 186.413 was found in 52 claim holders. Different claims also surfaced worth 500 million rupees in other account holders account. Important revelations were also surfaced by the accused during the probe of the case.
Riaz Tabassum advocate appeared as counsel for the accused in this mega scandal case while Chaudhry Aurangzeb Chief Prosecutor appeared for the accountability burea


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