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Pakistan will always stand with Palestinians: Maleeha Lodhi

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan permanent ambassador to UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi has said Pakistan will always stand with Palestinians.
In a video message, Maleeha Lodhi said Pakistan has enhanced financial support to Palestinian refugees. Assistance has been increased under government orders and as per people wishes. The schools of Palestinian children will remain open and clinic will not shut due to this additional financial aid.
She further said Pakistan will continue to stand always with Palestinians brothers and sisters.
The agency providing aid to Palestinians refugees while lauding generous move by Pakistan has said Pakistan has helped Palestinians always and on every forum,
It may be recalled that Maleeha Lodhi had said on October 20 that the aid for Palestinians on humanitarian grounds should not be held hostage to political interests.
She said that peaceful Palestinian demonstrators are being killed in Gaza. The expansion of illegal Israeli settlements is going on unchecked.
She further held deviation from resolutions related to occupied Baitul Maqaddas was made.

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