FIA starts issuing notices to benefiters of amnesty scheme

ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has started issuing notices to those, who took benefit under the amnesty scheme of previous government and disclosed their concealing assets, money and properties.
Traders, businessmen and industrialists are in severe state of fear after issuance of these fresh notices.
FBR while refusing to stop issuance of these notices said that people who have been issued notices should file their responses to notices. On the other hand, a clear division is being witnessed between the leadership of ruling party and his ministers on the matter.
Sources in FBR while confirming the issuance of these notices said that this entire work is being done by lower level assistant directors or deputy directors on their own and they have received no such orders from high level.
FBR officials insisted people who gained benefits from amnesty scheme to give answers of queries asked in the notices. It is important to mention here that only notices have been issued while no decision was made to take action against those involved in the scheme.
On the other hand, traders, businessmen, and industrialist have contacted FBR officials but they didn’t receive any satisfactory response from the department.
FBR officials said that they have no relation with FIA. Businessmen and industrialists sought help from PTI ministers but once again didn’t receive any positive response in this regard.
However, Senior Leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf and Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has assured the businessmen and traders of Karachi that he will make implementation upon government promises.
He also directed formation of a company comprising Government, traders and industrialist; however this proposal was not accepted at government level.
It is vital to mention here that amnesty scheme of past government gained a huge popularity than expected and people in a great number disclosed their secret money and properties inside and outside the country.
In this way the government had succeeded in bringing a huge number of people in the tax net and a great amount of money was added to the national exchequer.Due to FBR notices and government, FBR detachment, the trust of businessmen and industrialist on government has been affected badly.

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