Kashmir-the festering wound


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday condemned the new cycle of violence and killing of innocent Kashmiris by Indian force in occupied Kashmir. In a tweet, Khan asked India to resolve the issue according to the wishes of Kashmiri people. “Strongly condemn the new cycle of killings of innocent Kashmiris in IOK by Indian security forces. It is time India realised it must move to resolve the Kashmir dispute through dialogue in accordance with the UN SC resolutions & the wishes of the Kashmiri people,” tweeted Khan.
The intensified violence and continued bloodbath of innocent youth at the hands of Indian forces in the held territory of Jammu and Kashmir is a matter of serious concern. The violence has, unfortunately, escalated to such a dangerous level that not a single day dawns or passes without somebody being killed, maimed, humiliated or harassed by trigger happy Indian forces who have turned the region into a virtual hell for its residents. Practically, an undeclared war is going on in the region; the militaristic approach adopted by the Modi government to quell the voice of dissent has pushed the region into quagmire of chaos and uncertainty.
The fresh incidents of violence and use of brute force against civilians by the Indian occupation forces is a grim reminder of the precarious security situation in the valley. The desperate human rights situation in Kashmir merits immediate action of the United Nations and the human rights organizations. Given the prevailing volatile situation in the region it is high time that the world community should break its deafening silence to mitigate the sufferings of Kashmiri people. Instead of watching the macabre game of death dance in Kashmir like a silent spectator the civilized world should take concrete and meaningful action to end the long drawn conflict, which is the main of cause of violence and consequence of human rights violation in the region. Since UN is a party to the dispute and a guarantor to peace and security, there is dire need that the highest body must shun its policy of indifference towards Kashmir and play its much needed role to resolve the lingering dispute peacefully. On the other hand it is time for New Delhi realise the reality that it can not suppress the Kashmiris’ genuine freedom movement by resorting to brute force. Kashmiris have been demanding nothing but the fundamental right to self-determination, guaranteed to them by the United Nations. This inalienable right of the people of Kashmir has also been acknowledged by the leadership of India and Pakistan through various international covenants and public pronouncements. So all that Kashmiris want is the implementation of the pledges extended to them by India, Pakistan and the United Nations. The non-resolution of Kashmir dispute is a festering wound that will continue to bedevil relations between the two countries if left unattended and undressed. Pakistan has time and again sought a peaceful settlement of the lingering dispute through meaningful talks but India’s dilly dallying tactics and its hostile approach towards Islamabad make talks a charade.


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