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OIC’s Ministers elect Pakistan as member Water Council

Cairo: The Conference of the OIC Ministers for Water elected Pakistan as Member to the OIC Water Council for two years tenure, 2019-2020.
Pakistan was also elected as Vice Chairman to the ICMW (Islamic Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water) Bureau.
In his statement to the plenary session, Ambassador of Pakistan to Egypt, Mushtaq Ali Shah, highlighted the importance that the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan attached to sustainable water management and conservation and reaffirmed the desire of Pakistan to share its expertise and experience with the brotherly Islamic countries.
The Conference called upon the Member States and their Research Institutions to share their respective experiences in the field of water resource management and also encouraged other OIC Organs such as the IDB to promote cooperation with Member States.
The participating delegates pointed out the various challenges facing their countries and the measures taken to address those challenges and their expectations from effective and expeditious implementation of the OIC Water Vision. They also underscored the need for improved coordination, access to financing and improved technologies for water-related projects.

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