Senate body concerns over hide statistics by private companies


Islamabad: Senate Standing Committee on Statistics on Monday observed that the private oil and gas companies were hiding real production of oil and gas as they reveal wrong statistics.
This was observed in a Senate body meeting on Statistics at the Parliament House. The meeting was chaired by Senator and the committee chairman Jahanzeb Jamaluddini.
The meeting also observed that the doing such practice the private companies stole tax money worth millions of rupees. The committee also expressed strong anonymous over the practice.
The meeting also sought details regarding production of crude oil and natural gas by the private companies. The committee was informed that the country’s crude oil production was 32,557 barrel and natural gas was 1,457 mmcfd respectively during 2018.
The meeting was further told that KP produces 50.4 per cent, Sindh 32.5 per cent and Punjab produces 17.5 per cent crude oil respectively. Similarly, Sindh produces 66 per cent natural gas, Baluchistan 21.1 per cent and KP 9.4 per cent natural gas.
The statistics committee meeting was informed that no sense has been made since 2005 as the ministry receives monthly based statistics. The committee was further told that Punjab produces 23 types of minerals, Sindh 16, Baluchistan 17 and KP 27. The annual coil production in the country is 4,476 metric tons.
The meeting was told the country’s coil production was raised 7 per cent and Helium stone’s 9.7 per cent last year. The committee directed all relevant departments to ensure their presence in the next meeting.


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