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Communication A major pillar towards success

Ehtesham Naeem
Exchange of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium is defined as communication. It is the act of conveying meanings from an individual to another through the use of mutually understood signs. Communication plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives. We often assume that this refers to just written and verbal communication. However, communication is more than just words, it can be your facial expressions, your body language or the tone of voice you use, all of these things convey a message to the person you’re communicating to. Socializing is very important and communication is the tool that helps to socialize. Effective communication helps to express your thoughts and feelings in a way to produce the desired result. The communication is only successful when both the sender and receiver understands the same information. Without this understanding, a message can turn into error or frustration by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered. For Example, a boss said to his employee “I want you to bring the file to my table and the boss left the employee confused as he didn’t mention the name of a file or which file to bring”. There are a lot of people who have got grip on their knowledge. But if they will deliver their points in a way people couldn’t understand then there would be no use of that knowledge. It will only be wastage of time. Let’s take an example of a school teacher who has done PhD in his subject but when it comes to deliver his knowledge to his students he become unable to meet their level and communicate in a way to which his students are unfamiliar than all this will be of no use. Communication is a gateway to information. If a person is able to communicate efficiently and deliberately so that general people or his employs could get him easily than nobody could stop that person to flourish because all such people have a capability to convince people. Besides business being a social creature, we have a desire to make friends. Forming good relationships through positive communication can make us happier and more productive. Lastly an important component to good communication skills is the ability to listen. Those who have got a habit to listen others carefully will in turn be good communicators. In short, effective communication, good listening skills and success goes hand in hand.
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