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Challenges for PPP government in Sindh for a third term

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Dr. Abdul Razak Shaikh
Pakistan People’s Party victory in 2018 general election has morally boasts the leadership. The result was confidence proposed by Sindh people mean they still accept the party. PPP has once again emerged as a the largest party of Sindh and have more seats than the 2013 election and PPP never faced defeat in the province in recent past. There are other reasons that people of Sindh elected third time PPP. Among these factors, the performance of PPP was comparatively better in the last two years of the previous tenure of the Sindh Chief Minister. Perhaps Bhutto factor is the main reason, why Sindh votes for PPP.
The PPP government has been ready to take the offices and Syed Murad Ali Shah has been elected as a Chief Minister Sindh for the 2nd term. They have many challenges for the next five years and public hopeful to get more deliver for them. The PPP government has remains under the headlines in national Media pertaining to incompetence and corruption during its passed two tenures. Currently 46 percent of Sindh population is under poverty and Education of Sindh affected by corruption and lack of accountability as more than 6 of 12 million children in province are out of School. The infrastructure of schools and public sector colleges are also not in a good position. The public sector of the Hospitals has damaged the image of government. The poor cannot access the better health facilities. Though PPP has tried to better net work for cardio diseases, under the maintenance control of National Institute of cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) Karachi in the different parts of province. PPP government has also enhance the grant of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant (SIUT) Karachi, which is main source for free of cast treatment in the Pakistan. In Jinnah Hospital Karachi Cyber knife treatment has been started free of cost for Cancer patients by PPP government. Government has also arranged water plants in the very remote areas of Thar but they need better maintenance to continue.The people of Sindh expecting more from PPP for their jobs, education, health, drinking water, agricultural water and control to corruption. Urban cities need proper transport, water, drainage and maintenance of traffic issues. These challenges for Pakistan Peoples Party will remains for their third term of Governance. Syed Murad Ali Shah is energetic and well known to the problems faced by the people of Sindh.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman PPP has presided many meetings for proper facilities to the people of province. In its first parliamentary meeting with the members of provincial Assembly, he directed them that they remain in contact with their people and resolve their issues. There is no doubt that PPP has very experienced team in the province at very lower level having good agenda and better plan to serve the people. Mr. Bilawal is keen interested as his mother Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto were remains worried about people of Pakistan .
Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has to revisits PPP policy regarding youth for their betterment and progressive future but implementation is important to further attract the public. It is fact that there is no alternative to exist in Sindh that benefited PPP throughout its previous tenures but this time it would be challenge for the party to retain its political monopoly. If Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Successfully restructures the PPP and embraces the youth and monitor the Sindh government to resolve the issues of province than PPP can win and retain political monopoly in Sindh for the years to come.
The trust of people electing PPP has not only provided an opportunity in Sindh to revise its image by serving the province but also successful governance can be cashed in other provinces as well.

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