Bangladesh PM Hasina accuses arch-rival Khaleda of killing Mujib


Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday alleged that arch-rival Khaleda Zia was involved in killing the nation’s founder Mujibur Rahman.
She said that Zia was involved in the August 15 conspiracy to kill her father. “Zia’s wife [Khaleda] brought self-confessed killer of the Father of the Nation [Sheikh Mujibur Rahman] to Parliament by rigging votes.” The Awami League (AL) chief made the remarks while addressing an event organised in connection with the 43rd anniversary of Mujib’s assassination.
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“What does it mean? It was not only Zia but also his wife was involved in the conspiracy of the August 15 carnage. There is no doubt,” Hasina said.
She said BNP founder Ziaur Rahman had obstructed a probe into the assassination. “Why did he obstruct the investigation if he had not been involved in the killing? Zia was fully involved.” She said his family members were equally responsible.“These killers carried out the August 21 grenade attack [on AL’s rally in 2004] and made repeated attempts [to kill me]. So, what development will the country see and what justice will people get if they assume power [again]?” The PM then spoke about recent demonstrations in Dhaka that were met with media censorship and a crackdown. The protests were organised by students against poor road safety.
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Hasina termed the demonstrations “instigated”. “They wanted to create an abnormal situation in the country by instigating the students relentlessly,” she said. The Bangladesh prime minister said those orchestrating the protests included noted intellectuals and pundits who were ‘Pakistani in spirit’. “But when the government arrests them, a hue and cry is raised across national and international arenas.” If anyone commits an offence, instigates and uses children for achieving personal gains, it’s the duty of the state to take action against him, no matter how powerful they are, she said.


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