Balochistan —- Heart of Pakistan


Muhammad Rashid Tabassum
Pakistanis celebrated Independence Day with fully national and patriotic zeal. Independence Day events were organized in every nook and cranny of the country and across the world. Previously, not a single prominent event was organized in Baluchistan. This year the whole scenario seems changed. Especially, Balochi people expressed their happiness on the 14th of August and their excitement was spectacular. Tribesmen holding Pakistani flags marched in main roads. There was no such example found in near past. It can be depicted that people of Balochistan are patriotic like other regions of Pakistan. Their sacrifices are overwhelming since the creation of Pakistan. The said sacrifices are continued.
Looking back to history, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah visited Balochistan several times, before and after the creation of Pakistan. The scenes of the love of Baloch people were also seen at that time. Quaid e Azam was greatly welcomed in the area. In 1945, Khan Kalat’s grandfather Mir Ahmed Yar Khan weighed Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his sister into Gold and Silver and give it to them. After a long struggle, Balochistan became part of Pakistan in 1948. Quaid e Azam spent his last days of life in Ziarat Balochistan. But after His death, Balochistan was badly neglected.
The soil of Balochistan is filled with natural resources. To grab these resources, enemies and external forces always took conspiracies against Pakistan. Balochistan was their special target. India made its consulates in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border.
The only purpose of these consulates was to sabotage the peace process of Pakistan especially Balochistan. India is spending huge money to air terrorism in Balochistan. Youth are being trained to harm the ideology of Pakistan. Different activities were taken to create hatred among Balochistan and other parts of the country. Bomb blasts in Balochistan, incidents of kidnap of security officials and civilians and target killings are clear evidence. Indian PM Modi has also admitted the interference in the fall of Dhaka and Balochistan. Indian agents also targeted the people of Punjab in Balochistan. The only aim is to isolate Balochistan from Pakistan. India also wants to sabotage CPEC plan because CPEC is a way to the development of Balochistan. If the project is accomplished and completed, it will bring prosperity in the area ultimately making Pakistan prosperous. The start of CPEC has brought hope in Balochi people.
Writing more, after the sacrifices and efforts of Pak Army and security departments, Indian conspiracies are being failed now. Balochi people have failed the plans of external forces by celebrating Independence Day with full zeal. Events were held in each district of Balochistan. Flag-hoisting ceremonies were also held in different places of Balochistan to mark the festive occasion. People expressed their feelings by participating in the rallies and public gatherings. These celebrations continued the entire day of 14th of August.
The main ceremony was held in Provincial Assembly. Caretaker Chief Minister Balochistan Alaudd Din Mari hoisted national flag. Chief Justice Balochistan High Court Justice Noor Meskanzai hoisted the national flag at Balochistan High Court. Jashan-e-Azadi ceremony was held in Governor House Balochistan. Government buildings, like Provincial Assembly, Railway Station, High Court, and Governor House were decorated with colorful lights and national flags. Independence Day ceremonies were also held in all Divisional Headquarters (Kalat, Loralai, Makran, Sibi, and Kech). Meanwhile, Roshan Balochistan Alliance (RBA) arranged Istehkaam e Pakistan rally. The thousands of participants of the rally marched from Mastung to Quetta. They also carried 3 KM long Pakistani flag. The rally traveled 50 KM distance and concluded at Imdad Chowk, Quetta where the public gathering was arranged. Leaders of relgio-political organizations and several representatives of Baloch tribes addressed to the rally and expressed their feelings of love with the country.Concluding more, Balochistan is the heart of Pakistan. Pakistan can prosper only if Balochistan is prosperous. People of Balochistan are peaceful and they want development in their area. Rulers should remove the privation of Balochi people.


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