New Pakistan, Old Crisis


Maemuna Sadaf
2018 can be termed as the “year of change” in Pakistan. The election held in May 2018, are considered as best ever election in the history of Pakistan. Voter’s turnover was also better. In these elections, no cases of rigging are observed. The management and security were much better than in previous elections. Some political parties have rejected the result. Recounting of votes in some polling stations has also been done on the request by political leaders.
In this year, the National political scenario has been changed to 180 degrees. The political parties who have been dominant from last 20 year have been defeated. In present elections, none among Pakistan Muslim League N (PMLN), Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) or Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) won or got a majority. People have voted mainly for Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf (PTI). The chairman of the party Imran Khan (IK) is now a popular leader and expected prime minister of Pakistan. Ex-cricketer and aggressive politician won on his slogan “Naya Pakistan”. His political statement comprises of the promise for change in the country. IK inspired masses. The results of 2018 elections have proved that Pakistanis are now fed up of political parties ruled previously. The politicians who used to win in specific areas from last 20 years lost in these elections. For the first time, elections were held under the observation of international media. International observers have appreciated these elections. Patrimonial politics have been eliminated for the first time after IK’s struggle of 22 years.
Writing more, this is a critical phase for both Pakistan and PTI. The international image of Pakistan has already been spoiled. India is throwing garbage on Pakistan. Unfortunately, so-called liberals, politicians have also blamed Pakistani security agencies for terrorism in neighboring states. On the other hand, Pakistan’s economic situation is not very good. The crisis of electricity shortfall and water shortage is severe. Violating Indus Water treaty, India built Baglahar Dam on river providing water to Pakistan. The water shortage crisis has reached higher levels. Pakistan is also facing the internal threat of anarchy. Conflicts between institutions have made the country’s environment more frustrating.
IK has inherited crisis including electricity, water, illiteracy, poverty, and the war on terror etc. His first press conference after winning elections has been appreciated internationally. His victory speech has been broadcasted live in many countries. In his statement, he said that he will eradicate corruption, bring reforms. He also said that he will not take the protocol and his ministers will follow him. He said he will not use Prime Minister House instead he will use his “Bani Gala house”. People have expectations of IK. He has been selected for expected Prime Minister. Other Political parties have joined hands to the make opposition.
Discussing more! Now a day’s major political party PMLN parliamentarians are blaming the army for interference in politics. Some journalists also think that there are chances of the clash between the Army and IK. There is a mongering in national and international media of perceived relationship between IK and Pakistan army. This idea is based on speculation created by Indian media and some media houses of Pakistan. This forecast of the clash between IK and Pak Army is a part of a typical cynical approach by the media where they create myths as a part of propaganda. IK has not taken over as prime minister and a conspiracy has taken birth to strain relations between Pak Army and incoming government. This is also a change for IK. He has to be more careful and keen on his statements. Concluding more, IK has an identity as a legend in past. He came into power as a hope for the public. This victory is actually responsible for IK. IK has to perform and try to fulfill his promises to the maximum level. People have higher expectations for IK. They are looking forward to the solutions to their problems. Now, actions are much more important than words. The coming years will define the future of IK and PTI.


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