Karachi has the potential to accomplish the dream of Naya Pakistan

Karachi: The incoming government should pay special attention to the port city of Karachi to realise the dream of “Naya Pakistan”, a business leader said Sunday.

Karachi is the business hub which attracts millions to its workforce and generates a lot of economic activity but it has remained neglected through decades, he said.

The city generates over 62 percent of the taxes while its share in the GDP stands at 20 percent, therefore, it should be developed to ensure rapid progress of the country, said trade leader and former Senior Vice President of ICCI Malik Sohail Hussain.

He said that the GDP of Karachi is estimated to hit the mark of 193 billion dollars by 2025 but it can surpass the target if the new provincial and central government pays proper attention.

Malik Sohail Hussain said that developmental budget of Rs25 billion is insufficient as the country needs a minimum of ten billion dollars to overcome issues.

The city is reeling under various problems, it gets 565 million gallons of water per day leaving masses and industry on the mercy of tanker mafia.

It is also facing problems like the garbage disposal, pathetic infrastructure, disordered transportation, frequent power and gas outages, lack of green spaces, deteriorating medical and educational facilities, rampant corruption, environmental degradation and poor policing resulting in ever increasing crimes.

Political parties failed to address the issue of Karachi for decades, therefore, masses have voted for PTI anticipating a change, he said.

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