Youth to be provided the self-business opportunities through free-lancing for contribution to the national economic development; Umar Saif


Sargodha: “We are transforming our youth bulge into youth dividend by providing them the entrepreneurship and self-business opportunities through freelancing to contribute to the national economic development”,
this was stated by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Umar Saif while addressing the launch ceremony of E-Rozgar training centre at the University of Sargodha.
Dr Umar Saif said the average age of Pakistanis was 22 years and we had a lot of potential to bring Pakistan among the comity of developed nations. He said our future was in the hands of youth which was hardworking, intelligent and full of talent.
Dr saif told that E-Rozgar scheme has produced thousands of young entrepreneurs who have earned billions of rupees through online projects. Around 160 companies had been established worth Rs7 billion tackling unemployment and enabling the educated youth to earn through online jobs and businesses under the project. He urged the youth to become entrepreneur as they could easily earn more than Rs100,000 per month through E-Rozgar. He briefed that Pakistan is currently the 3rd largest provider of freelancers after USA and Ukraine in the world. A conservative estimate would put the number of online workers from Pakistan at 150,000 with an average annual income of approximately $10,000 each. This implies that freelancers in Pakistan earn combined revenue of over $1 billion. Currently estimated at approximately $1 trillion, the size of freelancing in the global economy is expected to rise substantially in the near future, he added.
The Vice Chancellor University of Sargodha, Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad said that E-Rozgar would bring revolutionary changes in the province to bring down the unemployment rate in the country particularly in the remote areas like Mianwali and Bhakkar. He told the audience that three E-Rozgar centers are working in collaboration with the University administration.
Dr Ahmad further told that we started the reformation process to promote merit and to strengthen the University. We held six selection boards and five Syndicate meetings in short span of time in order to upset the status quo and certain forces, which had a stakes in the matter.
At the ceremony, PITB Director General e-governance Sajid Latif, Director Atif Mumtaz, Incharge E-Rozgar center, the Focal person and the number of students were take part in the ceremony. Dr Saif and Dr Ahmad distributed shields among the administration of rozgar center while many students were given certificates in the end.


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