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Begging for justice from McDonald’s Management

I am a victim of McDonald’s. I have been crying for justice to McDonald’s for last 8 months but no one resolved my problem and provided me justice. I wrote many letters in different newspapers to aware of upper management that what is happening with workers in your interior branches but unfortunately, no one took any serious action as yet. I have worked there for two years and it was my only support of studies, suddenly they kicked me out from job without any reason. The Operational Manager (OC) Shujat Hussain also behaving like children instead of solving worker’s complaints, whenever, someone takes to complain to him. I requested to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take action against Auto Bhan Hyderabad McDonald branch’s management who are kicking out workers from job on minor mistakes.

By Ghulam Mustafa Rustamani
Address: Phase II Qasimabad, Hyderbad
CNIC: 41202-4275472-1

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