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YPEC announces support to Chairman Pakistan engineering council

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Engineers of Youth Parliament (YPEC) announced unanimous support to Chairman Pakistan engineering council Engr. Jawed Salim Qureshi. Series of interactive sessions held in Islamabad and Azad Kashmir, Youth Parliament Engineers met the different candidates of Pakistan Engineering Council Election 2018. Chairman candidate Engr. Jawed Salim, highlighted the milestones achieved in the last three years and shared their manifesto with young engineers. After a series of convincing sessions, Youth Parliament Engineers announced unconditional support in favor of The Engineers Pakistan (TEP) in the PEC Elections 2018. Secretary General Youth Parliament Engr. Ubaid Qureshi said: we believes that TEP made engineering worthy and Chairman Jawed Salim Qureshi took remarkable steps for the betterment of Engineers.
Ubaid Qureshi said that the unemployment rate is increasing and it is a national issue. Although it is a national issue, but many people believe that PEC is responsible for the unemployment which is against the facts. In the previous era of PEC, a large number of engineering programs were started in different universities without meeting the education standards. Govt. is responsible for providing employment oppurtunities to every citizen. He said that PEC offered 12,000 supervisory license, approved 20,000 internships for the engineers and Pakistan was declared a Signatory of the Washington Accord and International Professional Engineer Program (IPEA) in the last 3 years which is a great achievement.
During the interactive sessions, Chairman Jawed Salim said that we still need to work hard to achieve excellence and to compete the world, we must change our Engineering course curriculum and Governing body Election rules. In this way we would be able to provide opportunities to young engineers in Governing body. Washington Accord is a highly rigorous global standard on engineering education and accreditation system which grants substantial equivalence of degree. It means that Pakistan has got international recognition and a place at par with top leading signatory countries of the world. A gross root level mobility is required to deliever actual benefits to the engineers.

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