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Broad vision of PPP

By Dr Abdul Razak Shaikh,

Pakistani politics is dominant by feudal class since the birth of country but Peoples Party gets credit to send their workers in Assembly. In 1988 Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto started exercise and many worker classes succeed to be the members of Assembly.
In 2018 General Election PPP awarded ticket to Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani for National Assembly on General seats from Thar and he won the election. Mr. Gianchand Essrani and Mr. Hari Ram was also winner the election for Sindh assembly. Dr. Mahesh kumar and Mr.Gianchand elected from Thar and Thano Bola Khan having major population of their community, Where are Mr.Hari Ram won from Mirpur khas having 80 to 90 percent Muslim population and we say no discrimination in the constituency dominated by Muslim.
On a same way lot of examples that PPP has sent many females of poor families to reach in Assembly. In March 2018 Senate election PPP also awarded the ticket to Anwar Lal din by Christian community from Karachi and Ms. Krishna kohli from Thar were belongs to poor class. Krishna Kohli also belongs to very remote area of Thar.
In 2018 party has awarded the Provincial assembly ticket on reserved seats to Tanzeela Qambrani, the Clan of Hoshoo Sheedi. This clan of gene belongs to African and their Chief HOSHOO SHEEDI name is still popular in the province of Sindh who raise their voice against the English army at the time of attack that MARSOON MARSOON , SINDH NA DESOON ( WE WILL DIE DIE BUT NOT GIVE THE LAND OF SINDH ). Tanzeela is old guard of PPP belongs to District Badin and she will take oath as a member of Sindh Assembly in few days.

She received her own share of prejudice from the society dominated by feudal class.
A postgraduate in computer science from the University of Sindh, Tanzeela, 39, is the first Sheedi who has returned to the Sindh Assembly on the PPP’s quota of reserved seats for women.
This is a bold step getting a Sheedi elected to Sindh Assembly that required courage which no one but the son of Benazir Bhutto could do and he did it.
It was not the first time that her party had tried to give her an elevated post. The PPP had nominated her to head the municipal committee in Matli – Badin district, which, some influential people also from the PPP could not digest.
An influential PPP member went against the party’s discipline and competed for the chairman’s post as an independent member. He got some other members on his back and got elected. The party challenged his election, but the election commission upheld it.
Tanzeela has the name which has great similarity with the country from where her great-grandparents had been brought to the southern coastline of Sindh.
My father told us that his grandparents had been brought to Sindh now around a century ago from Tanzania.
That’s why; one of her sisters is married of in Tanzania.
Before this day, said Tanzeela choked with emotions, “we, the Sheedi community, still were on the unending stairs of a ship. Today, it seems we have found the land after centuries of ordeal”.
With black complexion, big nose, curly hair and thick lips, Tanzeela would wear jeans and headscarf and “many of students would consider me as a Sudanese” and not many of them would pass pleasant comment about her in Sindhi.
She, however, said despite prejudices not everyone she came across outside the Sheedi community was a foe.
“Many kind souls came across me and they helped a great deal and the greatest example of it is our chairman Bilawal Bhutto,” she said.
Tanzeela’s father was a lawyer and mother got retired as a school headmistress.
Credit goes to PPP that make the history to up the poor person in a democratic way, the day will be soon when she will shine to take the oath as a member of Sindh Assembly.

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