Winning of PPP in Sindh again confidence proposed by people


Dr. Abdul Razak Shaikh
Democracy is best revenge these words by MOHTARMMA BENAZIR BHUTTO. The election process is now towards the end and PTI is in a position to form the government lead by IMRAN KHAN. Punjab is leading by PML-N and than PTI is near to him. SINDH and KPK are under the control of PPP and PTI simultaneously.
Lot of main leaders has lost the battle to attend the Parliament. Moulana Fazul Rehman, Aftab sherpao, Afsandar yar wali, Moulana Siraj ul Huq, Rana Sanaullah, Talal Chudhry, Khwaja Saad rafeeq and yousif Raza Geelani are looser from Election. In Punjab PTI will be able to form the provincial government with Independents easily but till finalization of result it may be not cleared. In Sindh analyzers were expected to win 50 seats by PPP but PPP now having more than 70 members in SINDH ASSEMBLY out of 130 general Seats.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will be in the Parliament. Still lot of seat has to be announced by election commission, the present result is unofficial.
Earlier it was to be said that Grand democratic Alliance (GDA) will be in a good posion to fight PPP in Sindh province but failed to secure the many seats. GDA leaders Dr. Arbab Rahim, Ghous Ali shah, Liaqat ali Jatoi, Ayaz lateef paleejo, Dr. Safder abbassi and lot of many leaders could not survived from defeat. The PPP leaders won the election are Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Syed Murad Ali Shah, Nawab Yousuf talpur, Syed Khursheed, Shah, Aftab shahban Meerani and Mahesh malani. Two females Nafisa Shah and Shazia Mari also won the election for National assembly. PPP also winner from Thar, the result of Karachi is still not clear but PPP has captured two National assembly seats from Malir. PTI has won 20 seats and mostly from Karachi. MQM-Pakistan is also winning much number of seats. Sharjeel Memon won from Mr. Ali Kazi owner of very popular Sindhi News channel, sharjeel is presently in the jail custody. PPP lost the Larkana city MPA seat, where Ms. Nida Khuro daughter of Mr. Nisar Ahmed khuro president PPP sindh was on a race, she lost from Moazum Ali Abbassi. Speaker of Sindh assembly Mr.Agha Siraj Durani has captured seat of Provincial Assembly. Fahmida Mirza and her son Mr. Hisam Mirza also reached National and Provincial assembly simoultanously. Mr. Ali Nawaz shah old guard of PPP was candidate as an independent won National assembly by defeating Peer Hussan shah of PPP from Mirpur Khas. PPP was not in a position to capture the seats more than 50 but due to election campaign of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the situation favored to their candidates.At present PPP has captured more than 70 seats and still result of many seats has to come, that may be increased. General seats of Sindh Assembly are 130, the reserved for women 29 and minority 9 seats. The PPP is complete in single major party will form the government third time. I say this result is MIRCLE in favour of PPP Sindh, otherwise voter were angry with party leadership for their ignorance to their issues. We all still wait to complete result for final analysis.


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