Spreading lies about Kashmir


Indian rulers are in the habit of spreading lies and creating a smokescreen of confusion to hoodwink the world opinion about the genesis of Kashmir dispute and its settlement. Deceit, deception and denial of reality with regard to Kashmir problem has been a hallmark of Indian state policy since day one and interestingly every party that since 1947 have had the opportunity to rule the country from time to time have religiously followed this policy. And every political party or a leader, regardless of their political ideology, has a role in complicating this problem and BJP is no exception. Over the years the successive governments in India have not only tried to mislead the international community but their own people by spreading false narratives about Kashmir. Indian Prime Minister Narrendra Modi’s recent statement in which he said that New Delhi’s goal in Jammu and Kashmir is “good governance, development, responsibility and accountability” is yet another brazen attempt to mislead people into thinking that whatever is happening in Jammu and Kashmir is the result of bad-governance or lack of development and economic opportunities. The Indian premier’s assertions are tantamount to cover the sun with one finger. Leaders sitting in New Delhi must take a leaf out of the history and realize the ground reality that they can no longer befool the Kashmiri masses and the world at large by resorting to age-old tricks. The people of Kashmir who since 1947 have rendered sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of precious lives can’t be lured by such kind of hollow slogans. The problem in Kashmir is purely political; it is not an issue of development, administration or law and order problem. It is all about the right of self-determination of the people of Kashmir that needs to be resolved through peaceful means by allowing its people to decide their political destiny through right to self-determination.

Since 1947 three generations of Kashmir have terribly suffered due to this deadly conflict, tens of thousands of people have been killed during the ongoing movement in the region, properties worth billions destroyed, women molested, hundreds and thousands youth detained and tortured and killed in torture centers. But why is there so much resentment against Indian, why the people of Kashmir are being killed and for what? The answer is as simple as ABC, and people sitting in Delhi and elsewhere know it fully well as who is responsible for this turmoil. The problem with Indians is that instead of addressing the root cause of dispute they have been practicing coercive measures and approach for the last seven decades, but history bears testimony to the fact that they have miserably failed to change the ground realities in Kashmir. Indian rulers who have been falsely projecting Kashmir as a law and order issue must bear in mind the fact that Kashmir is neither a law and order issue nor an internal matter of New Delhi. As for as the Kashmir issue is concerned, it is an internationally recognized disputed territory awaiting its final settlement. New Delhi needs to understand the fact that for a positive change in the region there is no way but to reverse the course of action.


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