Blind Words

Mardiya Sultana;
Once I read a story about three blinds. They decided to see an elephant. They reached zoo and with the help of the guide they reached the elephant cage. As they were unable to see it. The elephant keeper asked them to feel it. One felt elephant teeth, he said elephant is strong. Other felt elephant trunk, he said elephant is too tall. Third was able to touch elephant tail. He said elephant is a small and smooth animal.
I believe readers would be thinking why am i narrating a story when the world is too busy in several worries. Raising children, saving fortune, battling with illness and studies. When we analyse the circumstances nowadays the world is going much more then the concerns mentioned above. Thousands of innocent people are killed every day. Including children and infants. People are dying with hunger and thirst. Majority of people are facing unemployment and living lives below standards. But, NO!!!!!!!
Some are concerned more into others lives. Some people are ought to live with the oxygen of making rumours and spreading false news/stories. Just like the zoo visitors. Knowing a little bit of the news and rumour. But, spreading like the blind. But who are they? The answer is they are almost everywhere. Increasing every day
Not knowing the ground realities or the facts others are facing. And under what circumstances people are going through. Accusing others according to our thoughts and perceptions in today’s greatest disease. Blaming, assuming and anticipating about others. Personal and private lives. Rich and poor. All are victims! I remember an Ayah of Quran i learned “Don’t suspect,” (49:12) “Don’t backbite” (49:12). I wonder when are we actually going to analyse these verses. That being a Muslim or a positive human its not just our responsibility to keep a Faith in Allah, not just to pay Charity, not just to pray five times. In Quran Allah SAW has given a beautiful and concise verse to follow in our daily routine. About dealing people and to stay kind. Us Muslims have a keen belief and faith in the There’s no God but Allah SAW and Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet. Following orders of Allah SAW is our belief and following the steps/orders of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH is our pride and a bridge between us and paradise.
However, at this time when we have lot other to think and plan for us and the community we are committing sins after sins. Knowing and unknowing! Not caring that perhaps our words may hurt other or with our words somebody might feel obstacles. There’s wonderful Ayah of Quran Kareem of Sarah Muzzamil (10) ‘’Whatever they say let them. Avoid them nicely.’’ I’m sure this Ayah could heal all those who suffer from theses daggers of rumours. Let’s all unite against this habit. So our coming generations don’t have this habit. That’s more dangerous then addiction to drugs. Unfortunately, it’s not considered as a dangerous deed. Let’s all stand against this habit. Avoid listening and avoid spreading forward. If one individual tries to decline listening such things others must feel that he’s not part of the crime. May Allah SAW protect us all Muslims from such deeds and make us those who are source of solace for others. Ameen!!!

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