Business group launches “Prosperous Pakistan” at London Double Decker Service


Islamabad: In a bid to showcase the rising economic prospects of Pakistan, a private investment group has launched “Prosperous Pakistan” campaign on London’s iconic red double decker buses to project Pakistan’s position as an important and emerging player in the world economy.
The CPIC, a privately held investment company which focuses on real estate investment opportunities within the $62 Billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), has placed on 100 buses the huge banner on the side carrying the words across and down from the middle “Prosperous Pakistan, #Pak2030, CPIC” for two weeks.
The buses will run across a vast London network, including the central London zones, for two weeks, potentially having seen by tens of thousands of people.
The campaign aims to remind commuters and tourists of London, both local and international, that the South Asian country is a land of boundless opportunity and potential. The attractive campaign banner also refers to CPIC’s #Pak2030 site where extensive material has been carried on Pakistan’s new global position.
Talking to this scribe, the CPIC’s board member Zeeshaan Shah said the campaign was ambitious and enthusiastic in terms of gaining focus on highlighting the good things about Pakistan and the opportunities the country offers.
He explained that #Pak 2030 refers to the prediction by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) that Pakistan will be the 20th largest economy in 2030 and “this ambitious campaign is our quest to share the real Pakistan with the world”.
He said the leading economic agencies of the world have said that Pakistan is the 6th largest nation in the world and an emerging market poised for major economic growth.
“With a GDP that has grown for five straight years, poverty rates falling, education improving and a young, ambitious population, Pakistan has much to offer foreign businesses. Our mission at CPIC is to start a global movement to showcase the best of Pakistan”.
He said this bus campaign is the second we have done this year highlighting a positive image of Pakistan in London, the global capital of the world.
“We want people to see the bus sides and consider Pakistan positively and as a place to invest in. Over time and through the #Pak2030 campaign, we will highlight Pakistan’s strengths, passions and points of interest so that we can inform, educate and excite the world and correct some of the misconceptions that are often perpetuated. I request all Pakistanis all over the world to join us in this movement and show the world the true face of Pakistan.”
He explained that this campaign intends to educate the world about Pakistan and quell the negative impression about Pakistan that has been created through negative publicity in western press over the years. “This is just the start. Pakistanis are a brave and resilient nation and have seen lots of turbulence but we have turned a corner in our future and in coming years we will be one of the most prosperous countries in Asia.
“We want to play our role in the journey of Pakistan towards a bright future. Pakistan is home to around 210 million people. Wealth is moving from the west to the east and Pakistan has a huge role to play in absorbing that wealth as investment.”
Zeeshaan Shah maintained that the CPIC has chosen London for the “Prosperous Pakistan” campaign because London is a melting pot and “there’s no better place for a global campaign than London and that’s why this campaign has been initiated in London. He said they will paint the city white and green in coming times to showcase its beauty and strengths.
“Around 100 million Pakistanis are under the age of 30. There is a growing middle class and they have got spending power. They need to realize the opportunities that Pakistan presents and be part of Pakistan’s growing spending power and that’s possible through investment”.
Zeeshaan Shah said that negative propaganda had impacted Pakistan’s growth but a new Pakistan has emerged after the defeat of menace of terrorism.
“The fact is we have a lot to be proud of. Pakistan has become one of the most secure nations of the world after militancy defeated. We have given sacrifices for the whole world,” he concluded.


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