AJK PM advises Sardar Attique to stop playing on both sides of wicket


BAGH: (Parliament Times) Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Raja Farooq Haider Khan has strongly criticized former Prime Minister and President Muslim Conference Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan accusing the later of misleading masses on issue of constitutional amendment.
Addressing different public meetings during his visit to the district Bagh, he alleged that Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan is deliberately trying to make 13th amendment in AJK constitution controversial for petty political interests.
“Only Sardar Attique and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are feeling the heat of constitutional reforms in AJK and I don’t know what is wrong with both of them,” Prime Haider said.
He added that even Sardar Muhammad Abdul Khan had reservation with previous Act 1974, which according to Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan was signed by “keeping him in the dark”.
“On one hand Attique Khan is claiming that after amendment in constitution PM Pakistan has been held hostage by Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council and on the other hand same person is saying that AJK government has surrendered all powers to federal government by amending the constitution,” he pointed out.
“Sardar Attique should come out with clear stance on the issue and must not play on both sides of the wicket,” Farooq Haider Khan said. Responding to the allegations of opposition, AJK PM said he is ready to face accountability even if a slightest corruption or dishonesty is proven against him.
The prime Minister again expressed his gratitude to the previous government of PML-N in Pakistan and the members of the National Security Committee for empowering the people of Azad Kashmir and assured that government in the state will come up to their expectations.
The Prime Minister said that commercial banks in Azad Kashmir are functioning under Companies Act and AJK Government has full powers to collect tax from them on their income. He continued to say that after amendment in interim constitution people of the state have fundamental human rights.
Earlier Prime Minister Farooq Haider Khan also distributed laptops among the students of Women University Bagh and addressed functions organized by Sajjad Shaheed Press Club and AJK Health department.
AJK Minister for Works and Communication, Chaudhry Muhammad Aziz, Minister Forest Sardar Mir Akbar Khan and Minister for Information and Tourism Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas were present on the occasion.


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