3 people die, power supply goes haywire as rain hits Lahore, surrounding areas


Lahore: As many as three people died of electrocution as rain lashed Lahore and its surrounding areas late on Monday night.
Vulnerable electric supply system responded erratically, as usual, leaving dozens of localities without electricity supply and several low-lying areas inundated.
Gusty winds and rain caused 150 feeders to trip. According to LESCO Authorities, majority of the tripped feeders have been fixed.
Amanat, a driver Riwaz Garden and Shah Zaib, volunteer were electrocuted at Riwaz Garden.
At Qartaba Chowk a Motorcyclist namely Akbar died due to electrocution.
The Metrological Department has warned against more rains in the coming days. The department has forecasted rain in the next 12 hours.


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