Islamabad: Chairman Coordination of FPCCI Malik Sohail on Sunday said conflicts over the construction of large dams has wasted a lot of national resources, therefore, small dams should be constructed across the country.
Dams have become necessary to feed increasing population, increase the area under cultivation, boost agricultural and industrial output and save the country from becoming a desert, he said.
Malik Sohail said that mega reservoirs have not only adverse impact on the environment but it results in differences among provinces damaging national unity.
All the efforts to forge a consensus over Kalabagh dam have gone in vain for decades while demand for clean and economical energy continued to rise reaching dangerous proportions calling for urgent steps.
Malik Sohail who has also served as Senior Vice President of ICCI said that approval of water policy after years of delay and consensus over it is a welcome move but implementation should not be delayed.
The water crisis is taking a toll on the economy, therefore, water should be conserved at all costs including the rainwater. A proper mechanism should be devised to conserve water while the crops needing more water should be replaced by crops needing a little amount of water.
He said that awareness is needed among masses and farmers to save water while lessons about water conservation should be added into the curriculum at every level.

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