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Sargodha Literary Festival carries on exploring literary arts

Sargodha:(Parliament Times) University of Sargodha (UOS) is celebrating Sargodha Literary Festival with literary and cultural zeal and zest. As part of this festival, a special session on “Sufism: An Alternative Narrative” was held in which veteran researchers and intellectuals including Qazi Javaid, Khurshid Nadeem, Khalid Saeed, Khalid Masood and Raviish Nadeem stressed the need to promote Sufism narrative to curb extremist approaches, thought and behavior.
Speaking on the occasion, renowned intellectual Qazi Javaid said that Sufism or Islamic mysticismis the esoteric or inward aspect of Islam and it is about making a strong connection with God and bringing human beings together by curbing all types of discriminations and differences. Since Sufism which helps maintaining peace and brotherhood, flourished in Subcontinent therefore promoting and protecting it,is our duty, he added.
Veteran columnist and intellectual Khursheed Nadeem said that Sufism is an ideology and a way of life which has strong relation with our society and culture. Sufism is about exploring and knowing oneself and knowing God whereas Sufi can be called psychiatrist of society who diagnose and treat individual as well as social illnesses, Nadeem said.
Khalid Saeed was of the view that we have to adopt Sufism as an alternative narrative if we want to bring humanity back to our planet and want to lead a happy and prosperous collective life.
Dr Ravish Nadeem stated that Sufism is the distinctive way of thinking of Subcontinent and Sufis of this region rendered tremendous sacrifices to bring social change. “Even our culture, literature and art depict mystic thought and if we want to have a peaceful society, we have to reconnect ourselves with Sufism”, he concluded.
At the end, Taimoor Afghani, a folk singer from Jandiala Sher Khan, sang “Heer Waris Shah” and enthralled audiences by his melodious voice.
Later, a reference in the memory of Munnu Bhai and Riaz Ahmed Shad was also held. Parveen Malik, Dr Sadat Saeed, Dr Ravish Nadeem, Iftikhar Majaz and Arshad graced the event and spoke about the valuable contributions of Munnu Bhai and Riaz Shad to the Urdu literature.
Moreover a special talk on “Sargodha: In the Light of History and Culture” also took place. Sahibzada Abdul Rasool, Dr Moeen Nizami, Farrukh Sohail Goindi and Prof Yousaf Khalid took part and brought noteworthy features of history of Sargodha to light.
The university also organized “Sham-e-Qalandar”. Prof Dr Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor Government College University (GCU) Faisalabad, Liaquat Ali Chatha, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sargodha Division and Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed, Vice Chancellor UOS attended the event.
On this occasion, renowned Sufi and Folk Singer Arieb Azhar gave magnetic performance and captivated the audiences. Deans of faculties, heads of departments, faculty members, staffers and students of main campus as well as medical and engineering college participated to enjoy the Sufi music.

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