China one more step closer to balanced compulsory education


By Wang Yuan from People’s Daily

BEIJING: China moved another step closer to the balanced development in compulsory education in 2017, which means that schools nationwide have accessed to all kinds of resources in a more equal way.

Over the last year, 560 counties passed a national assessment of the balanced development in compulsory education, increasing the total figure to 2,379, or 81 percent of all counties .

The balanced development in compulsory education focuses on rational allocation of educational resources and comprehensive improvement of teachers’ quality. It aims to narrow the inter-school, urban-rural, and inter-regional gaps of educational development, so that every school and student can benefit from the system.

The assessment of balanced development in compulsory education at county level was initiated nationwide since 2013.

A total of 563 counties applied for the assessment in 2017, and 560 passed after evaluation.

The country also reexamined 1,816 counties which passed the assessment from 2013 to 2016. The result showed that progress was made in overall, but disparity of development reemerged in elementary schools or middle schools in 15 counties of 10 provinces.

The State Council’s office for education supervision has summoned officials from the municipal and provincial governments, educational departments, as well as supervision departments of the involved 15 counties for conversation. Notice of rectification has also been issued, requiring them to improve the situation.

This year, the country will continue supervising and assessing the development in compulsory education, aiming 85 percent of its counties, cities, and districts will meet the standards.


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