IHC orders for handing over Christian girl to her parents in the case of her marriage with Muslim boy


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ordered for handing over the Christian girl to her parents in underage Christian girl marriage matter besides referring the case to family court.

The marriage case of twelve and half years old Christian girl with a Muslim boy came up for hearing before single bench of IHC presided over by Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui on Thursday.

The boy stated before the court the girl has become Muslim.

The court remarked the girl has failed to satisfy court about her embracing Islam. Due to this reason the NGOs defame Islam. How the girl has become Muslim when she does not know even about our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The counsel for the petitioner argued that had the girl been adult then we would have no objection.

The court also talked to the parents of the boy remarking “ you the parents of the boy are equally responsible for this offence.

The court further remarked the minorities enjoy as much rights as the Muslim enjoy in Pakistan. Such act leads to malign Islam. The 12 years old knows about Valentine day but she does not know about Eid ul Azha.

The court while ordering to hand over the girl to her parents sent the case to family court.


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