Diplomacy, resistance and Solidarity


Dr. Waleed Rasool

Establishing a particular day in calendar of year to mark solidarity with Kashmiri people and their legitimate cause could have been outstanding initiative provide the state could have been able to put Kashmir dispute at global radar with same frequency as it had done at domestic level.

By inculcating sense of kinship in Kashmir people, is an encouraging step which will give new lease to freedom struggle. Strong solidarity message injected energy, at least, at regional level that Kashmir’s are not all alone but a sovereign state of region is backing it. In recent years the degree of resistance against India fallowed by degree of sacrifice had reached all time high but diplomatic machine of Pakistan had utterly failed to carry the voice of Kashmir globally. The resistance of Kashmiri people occupied and chained by India since 1947 had multiple dimensions. The struggle is continued and sustained on multiple fronts in which diplomatic front is crucial to shape, establish and legitimize its credentials of resistance camp. To fallow the holistic and pragmatic approach in fouling situation when leg puling and foul play is routine practice in chaos is sad saga. It demands regression analysis to understand various dynamics of Kashmir conflict having strong correlation with Pakistan and International community who are global actors and refries to establish who is aggressor and who is aggressed. The rule of inhabitants of Kashmir being principle party of dispute is foundation of the struggle, upon which, entire movement of the right to self determination lies upon. Kashmir conflict has been passed through various crests and troughs. The quantum of support of Pakistani masses to Kashmiri people had been always visible and formidable but a gentle reminder is required to authorities who are at helm of affairs particularly foreign office. Though, Kashmiris are principle party to dispute but not legal one, as per essence of dozens of United Nations resolutions particularly of 5th January 1949, therefore, Kashmir is not international actor and Pakistan is not only “party” but “legal party” to dispute hence Islamabad is sole international actor having accesses to international government organizations including UN. It speaks volumes that the rule played by Kashmir people during odd hours of freedom struggle and during complexity of conflict since 1990 reached at precipitating state in 2010,2011,2013, and in 2016 after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani. It is the point of departure that the struggle of right to self determination of Kashmiri people had touched new high records. Mass processions was optimum possible level when millions of people came on roads in every knock and corner of the state of Jammu and Kashmir with shutter down along for consecutive three months in 2016. It was maximum quantum of resistance and ultimate potential of civil revolt. It is proper time to remind the people at helm of affairs in Islamabad that Kashmiris requires support of International community and Kashmiris have only route available i.e. state route, because it is Pakistan who is an international actor. The experts who have fingers on the pulse of global situation know that 9/11 have changed entire landscape of movements of right to self determination and the situation of south Asia remained fragile while as India took it an opportunity. States needs do take the precautionary measures when this situation arise because lay man have little grasp of international compulsions. State is backed by machine of wisdom who analyze on the bases of ground situation while keeping global pulse in consideration that which mode of the movement needs to be kept dormant and which one is put on forefront.

The Kashmiris who are abreast of global and regional changes expect on this day of solidarity that fault lines of Kashmir Conflict needs to analyzed and the indigenous face of the Kashmir shall be put on forefront with the backing of the state will yield the desired results. Experts of conflict have suggested in various peer review papers during findings that international face of Kashmir needs to be established. Humanity is under stress of Indian democracy and secularism therefore India is concealing effectively the gross human rights violations of Kashmir carried by her occupational forces under the cover of AFSPA . Empirical studies are available to guide that when dispute stretches beyond the certain level it demands fresh oxygen vis-à-vis adjustments and replacements at entire fronts which needs cautious handling and precaution when India is utilizing its military might in capsule of democracy. Though one cannot predict the behavior of the mob during struggle but movement is stream lined to save the valuable asset from anxiety and fatigue. The mega challenge of Kashmir issue is to understand the requirements and compulsions of post modernization and glbliasation and to make adjustments while preserving the human material. While thanking to Pakistan on solidarity day, the question arises in mind of sensible Kashmiris, that, what Kashmir could have maximum potential of resistance, they did it, they delivered, more than their maximum potential by coming on roads with over helming majority. There is every reason to ask, Why, we failed to vow, any another countries support except Pakistan herself. Is Kashmir issue still at squire one internationally? The solidarity day reminds us that we should put our heads together and pool our collective efforts, to understand the phenomena that how Kashmir can market their cause internationally. Kashmiris mass struggle is at peak, Pakistani people support it, but it requers, international support, which is out rightly missing. The answer to question lies in empirical study; we should be equipped with tools of empirical science to analyze on the bases of primary data while putting a cap on emotionalism. Bravery needs to be rescued from clutches of precipitation of emotion. International or diplomatic front of Kashmir is is neither given importance nor there is any road map to establish this front on concrete foundations to market Kashmir case by the tools of international relations. Diplomacy had given little importance as compared to other fronts of struggle though it had other variables associated including Islamabads relations with other nations including USA. The talent hunt campaign among Kashmir is needed to be launched to trace, encourage and equip fresh brains. It is time to market Kashmiri faces to face the Indian propaganda machine, in media, politics, development, lobbying and diplomacy. Diaspora is valuable asset, who can be ambassadors of global lobbying. Kashmiri scholars shall focus on policy papers having impact factor because it is source were foreign policy is shaped. Kashmir is tagged as multifaceted conflict having complexities for the final resolution is mega global challenge to defend Kashmir cause in policy circles which is being always reflected in policy papers. The global think tanks always focus on conflict management, conflict prevention and conflict transformation to put the cap on legitimate struggle and stretch the time. It is ripe time to understand that how Kashmir dispute is promoted. Indian invests much on research domain to change the nomenclature of Kashmir dispute internationally because policy is shaped on the findings of studies. Kashmir dispute needs to be rescued from traditional territorial and bilateral chains which have confined its significance and humanitarian dimensions. Kashmir is chained in democratic and secular mockery though Hindu fundamentalism exposed Indian democracy and narrative of peace. It is right time to give gentle reminder that Kashmiri can bring the mass resistance one again at optimal level but can Pakistan vow international support this time or will keep missing the chances to internationalize Kashmir in global community. It is ripe time to shape diplomatic front and enhance our diplomatic performance to take of Kashmir cause beyond the frontiers of Pakistan.


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