Nawaz flays opposition, says PML-N built motorway in KP


HARIPUR: Deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif criticised his opponents and made many promises while addressing a party rally in Haripur on Saturday.
He said the people had rejected the politics of allegations practiced by his opponents, alluding to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).
Criticising PTI further, Nawaz asked what had the party done for the province of KP where it was in power, highlighting that it was in fact the PML-N which constructed a motorway connecting the province with the Punjab to improve the standard of living for the people. “Did you see their show three days ago? Their politics have been rejected by the people,” said Nawaz referring to the opposition’s joint rally in Lahore’s Mall road area. Referring to PTI Chairman Imran Khan cursing the parliament, Nawaz said: “he curses the same assembly for which he contests elections and draws a salary from”.He added that “the man abused and accused everyone when he cursed the parliament”.
“I salute those judges who termed him sadiq and ameen.” Nawaz further said he [Imran] had admitted to owning an offshore company and other offences but was still let off by the judges. Speaking of his disqualification, the former prime minister said justice should not be biased and should be the same for all. “The scales of justice should be even for all.”
He also said the sanctity of the vote should be respected and the choice of the people should not be “torn apart”.During the rally, he also promised the people that his government would provide free housing if his party returns to power following the 2018 polls.
Announcing his latest initiative, Nawaz said he will ensure that the poor have “a roof over their head”.Elaborating further, the PML-N president also said there will be a scheme which will benefit those who reside in rented premises.”The rent salaried individuals pay for their residence will be taken as installment for their house and not as rent,”
The former prime minister did not give any further details of his latest electoral promise. Earlier, PML-N leader and daughter of Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz flayed the opposition and said, referring to PTI Chairman Imran Khan, that he should not blame rigging in the upcoming polls as “empty chairs do not give votes”. “Those sitting on the stage in Model Town know what will become of them in the upcoming elections,” and added that the people defeated the “conspirators”.Taking aim at Imran, Maryam further asked why would defeat not become his fate as he [Imran] has done nothing for his province during the last four years.She also praised the people of the area for supporting the PML-N and asked them to continue doing so in the next general elections.
Nawaz reached the PML-N’s rally site in Haripur earlier.
A stage was set up for the central leadership of the party to address the participants of the Jalsa. Party leader Murtaza Javed Abbasi had visited the venue ground earlier to check preparations for the gathering.
Moreover, the party supporters and workers even brought in party’s mascot, an actual lion, to the rally site.Earlier in the day, Nawaz Sharif, the president of PML-N, left Jati Umra and arrived in Haripur in the afternoon. Speaking to the press, Abbasi said that the biggest ground of Hazara Division was chosen for the gathering so that there could remain no doubt about the numbers of the people in the gathering.


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