Police advise to get DNA of all key personalities of Kasur


LAHORE: Police advised to get DNA of all key personalities of Kasur in order to get clue in rape and murder case of six-year old Zainab.
According to an audio recording of two police officers which has been viral on social media out of total 12 rape and murder incidents, one person is involved in 8 cases as per the DNA report. The audio also stated that the second sketch of the accused is fake it is sketch of already wanted man.
According to the report submitted to IG Punjab the person is same involved in Zainab rape and murder case who was involved in previous seven cases. It is expected that the kidnapers are different while the rapist and murderer is different people and quite strong and powerful.
Investigative officers suggested that in order to reach the rapist DNA tests of all important and key personalities of Kasur including ministers, MNAs and MPAs.
In the audio recording, it was stated that the murderer is a series killer and psychopath who is addicted of such heinous crimes, expressing fear of more such attacks. Police doubted that the kidnappers comes from out of city and provide children to murderer. It is vital to mention here that 8 out of 12 cases reported in one year have similarities. Six cases have been registered in Sadar Division, one in B division and five in A division. Only one child survived so far who has lost his consciousness.


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