‘Kashmir is not a territorial dispute between India & Pakistan’: Ali Raza

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Washington: (Parliament Times) Member AJK Legislative Assembly Pir Syed Ali Raza Bukhari has said Jammu and Kashmir is not a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan but this issue is of life and death for twenty million people, a fact recognised by the international community.

Addressing a seminar here at Pakistani consulate on Kashmir Issue Pir Syed Ali Raza said India and Pakistan have pledged before the United Nations that right to self-determination was the fundamental right of the Kashmiri people.

He said the government of Pakistan fully supports the right of self determination of Kashmiri people but the Indian Government has been denying this right to the people of Occupied Kashmir, and has deployed over 5 million military and paramilitary troops in IHK. “These forces are fully authorized to conduct barbarism, brutality and extra judicial killings of Kashmiri people under different inhumane laws”, he said.

“Over the past 70 years, the people of Jammu & Kashmir have demanded their right to self determination, but India has on every occasion, denied this birth right of the people, and has opposed the resolution of the United Nations.

The Indian forces have oppressed the people of occupied Kashmir in the most brutal manner. The horrendous personal accounts of the affected people are too traumatic to put into words’ he said.

During the last year, the Indian forces have murdered more than 300 Kashmiri youth. The State Government has implemented curfews in the Occupied State, and the Hurriyat Leaders, has been arrested.

House-to-house searches are conducted on a daily basis in different areas. Internet and mobile phone services have been suspended. International human rights organizations are not permitted to visit Occupied Kashmir. India has also banned all Pakistani TV Channels and innocent Kashmiris have been isolated from the whole world,he said.

He said the international community is kept in the dark about the real plight of the people. The physical and media isolation of the Kashmiri People has allowed Indian barbarism and cruelty to go unnoticed.

The international community must recognise the facts of Indian barbarism and cruelty in Occupied Kashmir. “Kashmiris are not terrorists, It is India who is perpetrating the state sponsored terrorism in Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan is only supporting the Kashmiri people with humanitarian support. They are only demanding their birth right, and right of self determination through the support of the United Nations Resolutions”, he added.

“Their indigenous movement is peaceful and lawful. The peaceful demonstration against Indian barbarism and cruelty has come at a great personal price for the Kashmiri’s in the lives of their brothers, sisters and children, which they painfully carry on their shoulders. The International Community should play a part to resolve the Kashmir Issue in-line with the United Nation resolutions”, he said adding that all diplomatic means should be used to pressurize India to stop this genocide in Kashmir. The people he said must also be given the chance to their right of self determination. He said India must understand that the oppression of the Kashmiri people will only exacerbate the situation. He said the multi-generational oppression has resulted in the creation of the Indigenous freedom movement at the hands of the frustrated youth, who no longer fear the Indian forces and their bullets. In reality, it is India that fears that Occupied Kashmir is slipping from its hands, and the resolve of the indigenous movement for self determination of the Kashmiri people is the driving power which must be suppressed at any cost.

“To hide the cruelty and defeat in occupied Kashmir, India is using state sponsored actors, spies and agents like Kulboshan Yadhive for spreading terrorism in Pakistan. Furthermore, the opinion of the international community is being polluted towards Pakistan. Firing on the Line of Control is a routine matter for Indian forces. According to reports, 44 citizens were martyred, and 253 were injured last year,” he said.

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