Neelum Jehlum Project not functional unless its agreement takes place: Raja Farooq Haider

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Rawalakot: (Parliament Times) Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that Neelum Jehlum Project will not be functional unless its agreement takes place. Express way will also facilitate the masses of Rawalakot and Poonnch. Prime Minister made these assertions while addressing a public gathering on Panewala on his tour to Rawalakot here on Wednesday. Prime Minister said that people of Pakistan will decide their future in 2018 general elections. he said, ” downfall in stock exchange has badly effected the economy of country when Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif,who was an elected Prime Minister was deseated.” Prime Minister while expressing his concerns on past governments said that Local government development funds has been used for election campaigns especially for some specific constituencies in the past. Prime Minister reiterated that incumbent government has taken many initiatives for the development of the state. “Induction through NTS in non-gazette posts, Formation of New Public service Commission and its transprenacy, distribution of development funds to all constituencies under Prime Minister Community Infrastructure Development Program are endeavours of our government, there is no compromise on merit.” the Prime Minister added. Prime Minister also praised the bravery and wisdom of the people of Rawalakot Poonch, he said that a gem from this region is our President and his wisdom and efforts to highlight Kashmir freedom of movement on international level is exemplary.

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