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Distressed man begs for medical treatment of his ailing wife

Rawalpindi: Habib Hussain Shah resident of Jatrala More Tehsil Deercot Zila Bagh AJK has made a passionate appeal to the president of Azad Kashmir seeking financial assistance for the treatment of his ailing spouse who has been suffering from acute kidney problem.Shah’s wife Habib Fatima had Kidney problem and was operated at DHQ Hospital Raja Bazar Rawalpindi last year but the operation failed. Since then Shah, a poor man, could not get medical treat for his wife.Last year he mailed three letters through TCs to Malik Riaz owner Behria town at his Islamabad address. MALIK Riaz did not reply to any of his letters.Talking to reporters at Rawalpindi Press Club Habib Hussain passed on his mobile number (0342) 948_8667 requesting to publish the number in the story with this hope that his tragic story may probably evoke a response from AJK president Sardar Masood Khan. Since last year Habib is residing in Rawalpindi, is a Wagon conductor, and does not have home, cant afford to live in a hotel, presently lives in a Rahaishga wherein he was paying Rs. 60 a night for the bed until February 2017 now he is paying Rs 80 per night.

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