No opportunity of fair trial being given : Maryam Nawaz


Islamabad: Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif daughter Maryam Nawaz has said that all decisions are being given in haste and no opportunity of fair trial is being given.
“ all the haste on the side of law is being shown for Sharif family. On the other hand the man who made false excuse of back ache was given safe passage. Hiding behind the pretext of back ache is VIP accountability. If some one has courage then the person who has made pretext of back ache should be arrested and brought to Pakistan. Are all the laws for Nawaz Sharif. if there is injustice then questions will be raised too. If we talk of democracy then we are dubbed traitor and if we talk of injustice then there will be contempt of court against us’ she said this while talking to media men outside Accountability Court (AC) here Thursday. .
She said were all laws for Nawaz Sharif?
Maryam said they are appearing in the courts despite their mother is suffering from cancer. We are giving answers to irrelevant questions.
She said proclaimed offenders were not detained despite their arrest warrants.

Talking about National Accountability Bureau’s team which left for London some days before to collect evidence against Nawaz Sharif she said it is heard that NAB’s team could not find any evidence against Nawaz Sharif. It will find nothing too in future .
I think here evidences are not being searched but they are being created , she said.
Replying to a question she said, “she has no media cell ; only propaganda is being launched against her. When her father was PM then she looked into matters of media.
She underlined there is no substance in the reports of rift in the ranks of PML-N and such rumors are running in media only.


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