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AJK being ignored in FPSC, quota needs to be increased

Saqib Ali Haidri
Muzaffarabad: Quota of AJK has been ignored thrice in a year by Federal Public Service Commission.
According to details, Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) publishes an advertisement every first Sunday of a month. Vacant posts advertised in the ads are according to quota system as per federal policies.
Federal government has allocated 2 percent quota for AJK citizens including migrants of Jammu and Kashmir living in Pakistan. Advertisement of September announced 73 vacancies but not a single vacancy has been allotted for AJK nationals.

In recent census population of AJK is more than 4 million other than migrants living in Pakistan. It is also known in present census that migrants of Kashmir living in Pakistan are more than 2.2 million which shows total strength of Kashmiris in Pakistan more than 6 million.
Citizens of AJK also reiterate that as per population rate, quota allotted for AJK is far less than expectation. One of the fresh graduates Zeeshan told this correspondent,” I am a graduate of electrical engineering and looking for a job for last one year but I did not see any vacancy relevant to my degree in FPSC since 2015.”

Another graduate Asad said,” We (AJK nationals) are far more in strength than GB but still we have only 2 percent quota, despite of knowing that literacy rate of AJK is much more than other provinces of Pakistan.”

It is estimated that more than 10 thousand students get graduation degree every year in AJK and due to less employment opportunities in AJK as well less quota allocation by Federal, ratio of un-employment increases with each passing year.

A senior analyst Sajjad Mir told this correspondent that if graduates remain un-employed in the region and if this number continued to increase then this unemployment and joblessness will lead these youngsters to despondency and terrorists will use these minds for their personal motives.

“Federal Government and state government should focus for the provision of new employment opportunities within the state, this issue needs immediate actions,” Sajjad added. Un-employed graduates demanded Federal government for the provision of employment package for AJK nationals on emergency basis besides increasing the percentage of quota.

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