Intra-institutional dialogue

Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani said that among the power
centres, parliament was the weakest. The Senate invited the
executive through the prime minister. Through him it invited the
military and through the Chief Justice of Pakistan the judiciary
for initiation of an intra-institutional dialogue to address the
issue of going beyond their constitutional ambit. Senate
Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani, after a detailed discussion on the
present political situation post-Panama Papers verdict and the
way forward of the role of parliament, sought approval of the
House to formally extend invitation to the executive and
judiciary for the dialogue. Rabbani decided to refer this issue
pertaining to Parliament to the House Committee of the whole,
which would have its proceedings in next session after Eidul
Azha. Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani while addressing
participants of a conference held in connection with the
celebrations of 70 Years of Parliament of Pakistan at Pakistan
Institute of Parliamentary Services said that dialogue among
institutions was the need of the hour to rid the country out of
quagmire of uncertainty and put the country on track towards
socio-economic prosperity. He said that Quaid-e- Azam gave
concept of a welfare state having democratic, federal and
progressive character. However, Rabbani, said that
unfortunately the concept of welfare state was overwhelmed by
security state resulting in changing the priorities.

He cautioned that the country was no more in a position to
withstand politics of confrontation. He said that constitution had
determined limits for all the institutions and there was a dire
need to work within the parameters defined in the constitution to
make the country prosperous. He said that internal and external
situation was precarious and the regional situation was highly
sensitive. He also expressed his optimism that with
determination and resilience, they could overcome the
challenges and work for national development. The remarks
made by Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani during senate session
and in other functions need serious consideration. Raza Rabbani
is true democrat and he is respected due to his contribution for
promoting democracy and supremacy of the rule of law. His
initiative to start intra-institutional dialogue to resolve the issues
is a welcome development. We hope all stakeholders including
government, judiciary and others will support this initiative and
a way forward would be achieved to promote rule of law and
democracy that will lead the country on the path of progress and

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