KARACHI: Auto vendors have expressed concerns over reports that the government is planning to disband the Engineering Development Board (EDB).

The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam) said the decision was taken in a meeting in which stakeholders from the engineering industry were not invited.

Paapam chairman Mashood Ali Khan said the EDB was established to oversee multiple areas related to the engineering sector.

“An important area where the EDB has contributed is the automobile sector. It oversees the implementation of the Auto Policy and supports the vendor industry by assuring local content enhancement,” he explained.

“Based on the internal dynamics, managing the engineering industry requires great degree of expertise and experience. This strength of decision making flows from strong governing bodies including the Board of Directors and Auto Industry Development Committee (AIDC) where wide representations of government and industry specialists pool input to draw collective decision,” he added.

Unfortunately, in the last two years in the tenure of the outgoing CEO EDB, the strength of the board was eroded,” Mr Khan said.

He urged the government to reverse the proposal of disbandment of EDB and stressed that a professional CEO should be appointed.

“Powers of AIDC should be revived and formalised, to ensure a strong system of checks and balances,” he added.

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